What colours are available as standard?

Clear , Grey Tint, Diffused

What are the standard sheet sizes?

3700mm x 586mm x 6mm
3700mm x 736mm x 8mm
5100mmx 586mm x 6mm
5100mmx 736mmx 8mm

Is it possible to get other sheet sizes?

Yes, other sizes can be ordered for your project but there may be a minimum quantity requirement and a longer lead time.

Where can ClearVue be used?

Canopies and Awnings
Porches and Verandahs
Carports or Garages (parking shelters)
Domestic swimming pools
Gazebos or Pergolas
Outdoor Play Areas or family areas

Do I need a building consent to install a ClearVue Roof?

If your roof area is 20sqm or less, and is outside the structure of the dwelling you should not need to get a building consent.
HOWEVER, if you are unsure please ensure you contact your local district council for guidelines.

Who can install ClearVue?

Unlike Glass structures, there is no specialized qualification requirement ClearVue can be installed by a builder or a competent homehandy person.


Do you have installers that will come and do a site measure?

Although we don’t have our own installers, we may be able to recommend a builder in your area.

Can you do a quote for supply and install?

Yes, if you send us your plans we can organise this for you.

Will Acrylic go yellow over time?

The ClearVue Panels have a 30 year guarantee on light transmission and will not become opaque or go yellow.

Is there a warranty on the product?

The ClearVue translucent roofing system is guaranteed for 15 years from the date of installation, as long as it is installed as per our guidelines.

Has the product been independently tested?

The ClearVue Roofing System has been BRANZ appraised which means that it has been tested and approved as being fit for use in New Zealand and that it will comply with the New Zealand Building Code if installed as per the PSP technical manual.

Why is ClearVue better than Glass?

The ClearVue panels offer durable fade resistant performance for many years. The lightweight system is easily installed, and requires a lot less structural support than heavier alternatives like Glass.

It is less expensive to install than Glass.

The flexibility of the panels gives peace of mind and break resistance in cases of earthquakes, unlike Glass.

What structure do I need to support my ClearVue Roof?

You will need to consult an architect/designer/builder to advise you what structure you require. The ClearVue Roof can be installed onto a number of different structures including timber and metal, but it is important that you check that it complies with all the building regulations before you order your ClearVue roof.

Can PSP cut the ClearVue panels to the sizes I need?

Yes, we can cut the sheets down if you require different sizes. However it is important that you measure carefully because we will not take responsibility if your panels do not fit your structure.

Can I cut the ClearVue panels to the sizes I need myself?

Yes, you can cut the panels using a Skill Saw with a suitable blade. We recommend an Irwin Marathon PVC cutting blade.

What if my rafters are not at 600mm or 750mm centres?

You can still install the ClearVue system, you will need to use the installation guidelines for installing onto Purlins. You may need to add the purlins onto your structure to get the correct supports. The maximum purlin spacing is 1.2m.

What is the difference between the ClearVue Glazing Bar System and The ClearVue Span Bar system?

The Glazing System is designed to go over existing supports. These can be timber or metal.
The Span Bar System is designed where you have no existing structure and you want to have clear spans of panel with supports around the edges of the roof only.

What is the minimum roof pitch for ClearVue?

We recommend 5 degrees, but if you wish to go less than that please check with us – you may be able to go as low as 3 degrees roof pitch.

Can I just buy some of the system and mix and match with other products?

You can, but your ClearVue roof may not be protected by our BRANZ appraisal and 15 year warranty if you do not use the full system.

How long can the Span Bars go without any support underneath?

You can go up to 5.1 long depending on where your project is. If the area is in a very high windzone you may need to reduce this length. (Consult the Span Tables for Span Bar)

How long can the Glazing Bars go with Rafters underneath?

It depends on the size of the rafters underneath and the windzone in your area. (consult the span Tables for Rafters)

How long can the Glazing Bars go with Purlins underneath?

Generally up to 1.2m, but it depends on the windzone in your area (consult your Span Tables for Purlins).

Does your warranty cover the whole structure?

No our system is for the Roof Only. You must ensure that the structure complies with all building regulations for your area.

Do we have CAD details for the ClearVue System?

Yes, we can supply details in REVIT, DWG,DXF,PDF formats.

Do we have a Masterspec specification for ClearVue?

Yes, we can provide a written specification for your consent application.
We will need to get details like Client Name, Site Address, Product Type.

What type of Endcaps do I need to the Glazing Bar System?

You will need to select the endcap which goes with the panel thickness of the sheet. I.e. CLVGLZENDCAP6 for 6mm panel.

Can I install a gutter on the end of the ClearVue Roof?

Yes, we have a two-part endcap option for this situation.

Do you supply fixings for the ClearVue System?

For the Glazing Bar System onto Purlins we supply Cap Screws and 50mm Stainless Steel Self Tappers.

For the Glazing Bar System onto Rafters we supply 50mm Stainless Steel Self Tappers.

For the Span Bar System we supply two Stainless Steel Bracket options depending on whether you are connecting the Span Bar to the side of a beam or onto the top of a beam. The fixings are included with the brackets.

Do I need to allow for expansion and contraction of the ClearVue Panel?

Yes, allow 4mm per 1 metre of panel length for the sheet to "grow".
I.e. a 5.1m sheet should have 20mm gap at the top of the roof.
This can be hidden underneath the flashing between the house and the ClearVue roof.

Is ClearVue Roofing Fire Rated?

Yes. For commercial projects,you may require a fire rated solution. We can provide a Roofing solution, which will meet a Group 1S Building Code requirement, which makes it suitable for any building application. (NZBC Clauses 3.4 Surface Finishes)